How We Made This Site

IM Interactive Media: A Redesign Case Study

What began as a team assignment in IMG-130 Project Management, a required course in NIC's Interactive Media Programs, has ended in the production and launch of this IM Design + Development website. What you see here is the culmination of countless - nay, hundreds of - volunteer hours given by Brittany King, Ian McKenzie and Matt Boucher, over the course of three summer months.

The Team

The original scope of the IMG 130 assignment was to redesign the Interactive Media’s existing online gallery; this pre-existing website was intended to showcase the diverse skills that students were developing in the Interactive Media programs. Five teams, each comprised of three students, completed their own version of the website redesign. The work produced by the five teams was so impressive; it only made sense to adopt one of these redesigns as an updated presentation for the Interactive Media program. After much discussion, the redesign of what was known at the time as “Team 9” was selected.

However, the redesign process didn’t stop there. The team, Brittany, Ian, and Matt, completely redesigned their redesign – branding the Interactive Media programs from scratch. Together, the team did it all: content strategy and collection, asset production, copywriting, animation design, html, css and javascript coding, quality assurance, search engine optimization and endless - really, endless - design iterations.

View the Interactive Media Style Guide.

Who Did What

Brittany King

  • Branding: typography, style guide
  • HTML & CSS coding
  • Copy editing & quality assurance
  • Modal design: student / alumni and faculty profiles, ‘what we do’ & information pages

Ian Mckenzie

  • Copywriting
  • Content strategy & content collection
  • HTML, CSS & Javascript coding
  • Animations across website & modals
  • SVG Animations

Matt Boucher

  • Branding: logo design, colour palette, layout
  • Asset creation: illustrations, icons, photo-based images
  • Main page wireframe & mock up design
  • Masonry panel layout & hover effects

the creators of the im design + development website

brittany king:
design, code, content

ian mckenzie:
code, content

matt boucher:

Brittany King, content strategist, software developer, and designer of the Interactive Media Design + Development website

Brittany King

Ian McKenzie, content strategist and software developer of the Interactive Media Design + Development website

Ian McKenzie

Matt Boucher, designer of the Interactive Media Design + Development website

Matt Boucher